DO YOU KNOWhow hard it is for a lesbian to spend eight days with a group of girls that obsess over every single male they come in contact with????????? how about we talk about that cute girl over there? or caroline that really attractive ski instructor from france ??!! NOPE! LETS talk about how hot GEORGE is EVERY 5 FUCKING SECONDS

It seems that everyone has a fucking person except me. You realise this when no one is waiting for you when you come out of the bathroom.

The amount of cute girls at the snow is astounding. I’m crying

There is this white boy sitting behind me and I can see him I’m the reflection and he keeps smiling because he probably thinks it cute as h*ll but it’s just fkn creepy u feel

The crippling fear of seeing someone that I really don’t want to see is the only thing that stops me from shopping

just going to say that green eyes and ‘till kingdom come by coldplay will be played at my wedding