I am so happy to have stumbled across Hilary Sloane and her work. You can’t help but to be drawn in by her collaged gifs.

Based in Melbourne, Sloane’s work ranges from illustrations and animation, to collages and photography.

Find her: tumblr / vimeo / store

Are you FUCKING kidding me robin williams is dead. No. I can’t do this rn

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I love you. You are silly

"I’m getting my shit together. I need to meet people who are doing the same and who inspire me to do better. Anyone else need not apply"

- KushandWizdom (via kushandwizdom)

i just bought tickets to sara bareilles with my mum and they were sold out in brisbane but mum said we could go interstate because we love her so much and for some reason i thought adelaide was in sydney  (idk i don’t do geography) and so because she was off her face on sleeping drugs she didn’y understand what she was buying so now i have to tell her that we aren’t actually going to sydney just adelaidein south australia wow how idk 

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Woah you're an incredible person WOAHH LOOK AT YOU GO

i m very unsure if this is a sarcastic comment or just a very nice one! thanku„i think


Portrait of a Young Woman, Jean-Etienne Liotard 

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer 

#they look like theyve been having a chat about u and u just walked in