have you guys seen begin again because i highly recommend it keira is beautiful in it and her voice is lovely

Anonymous asked:
Do you want to 'get going' in a sense. Would you like to have a career in music? There's a high chance you could be or (would) be extremely popular. If a path lead you to a career in music would you take it?

Tbh rn I am not sure. I’m not driven by anything at the moment. Nothing really excites me. I hope it’s just a phase because I do love music. Next year I wanna see where things like gigs and things like that take me!

Anonymous asked:
I think you read the question wrong! I asked why you are meeting with them but knowing when is rad to haha

OMG ahahaha sorry! I am actually not too sure why. Apparently the guy wants to here my music and possibly organise a few things and get me going!

Anonymous asked:
why r u meeting with uni records?? its pretty rad that you get to do that and ur not scared!

in about four weeks! i am probably not scared because i don’t actually realise the extent of how cool it is!! i should be nervous though i guess